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4G vs 5G: Present meets future in industrial automation

In the world of industrial automation, a question arises: Which network technology is the right one? This blog post sheds light on the key factors of both options.

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more Scaling and rolling out edge computing applications
Successfully scaling and rolling out edge computing applications.

In a world where data processing is happening closer and closer to the data sources, scaling and rolling out edge…

3 min read

more Keyvisual cloud computing
Edge infrastructure guide: choosing the right software and cloud integration for improved performance and security

Building on the operating system, choosing the optimal software in an edge infrastructure is critical for maximum efficiency, scalability and…

4 min read

more Blog Beitrag Substation PC vs Industrial PC
Embedded Industrial PCs, 19″ Industrial server and more: The right hardware for demanding industrial applications

Industrial applications often require specialized hardware solutions to meet demanding requirements. In this blog post, we will take a closer…

7 min read

Edge computing applications: Maximize performance by choosing an appropriate operating system

Choosing the right software is critical to successful implementation of Edge computing applications. The operating system in particular takes…

7 min read

Computerization of substations for reliable and efficient power supply in times of energy transition

Why are substations being digitized? The energy transition has a profound impact on the energy infrastructure and presents it…

5 min read

The right hardware for Edge Computing: How to make the best choice

Edge computing is a technology that allows data to be processed close to the source instead of being sent to…

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How to implement efficient intrusion detection on substation level

In modern substations there are countless digital devices and software systems that control the power supply (Fig. 1). This is…

6 min read

Yocto vs. Ubuntu – the operating systems in comparison

Overview: Operating system A key decision in the development of IoT projects and edge infrastructures concerns software and, related to…

5 min read


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