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    Latest post

    Edge Computing with Azure IoT Edge

    What is Azure IoT Edge? Edge computing is a current topic in IT. It describes how computing power can be made available where data is generated. Edge computing is a crucial building block for IoT applications. Azure IoT Edge…

    5 min read

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    Selection criteria and requirements for industrial PCs

    Especially in the Industrial Internet-of-Things or IIoT environment, in which reliable and secure hardware is becoming increasingly important, more and…

    3 min read

    Country approvals: further countries

    USA FCC Certification In order to be allowed to distribute communication hardware, a certification by the Federal Communication Commission…

    5 min read

    Azure Edge Device Provisioning Service - DPS with TPM
    Azure IoT Edge
    Azure IoT Device Provisioning with TPM (DPS)

    When it comes to the rollout and deployment of IoT devices in the field, customers often experience a bunch of…

    5 min read

    Country approvals: European Union

    CE Marking CE stands for “Conformité Européenne” and is a declaration by the manufacturer or distributor that the product…

    4 min read

    Edge computer and servers

    What are Edge computers? Edge computer are powerful systems, which are placed at the edge of a given network…

    3 min read

    IoT gateways and their central role in the Internet of Things

    Fig. 1 IoT gateways as the central interface between devices and systems. In the Internet of Things, IoT gateways provide…

    7 min read

    poe und poe+
    PoE and PoE+ for industrial applications

    Power over Ethernet, or PoE for short, has become an integral part of many applications. With PoE, the Ethernet…

    5 min read

    4G LTE, 5G and CDMA/LTE 450 MHz antennas for transformer stations
    Modbus RTU to IEC 60870-5-104 or MQTT via 4G LTE

    Distribution Grid Operators (DSOs) must implement changes in their low-voltage and medium-voltage grids. These changes are possible due…

    3 min read


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