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    Latest post

    How to choose the right industrial router #part3

    When selecting the appropriate industrial router, some important factors should be considered. A central management system with a suitable VPN infrastructure (industrial vpn routers) plays just as relevant a role as, for example, the integration of the industrial routers…

    4 min read

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    2.4 GHz
    How to choose the right industrial router #part2

    Decisive factors in the selection of routers for industries are, in addition to robustness and reliability, also the power supply…

    4 min read

    DIN rail router with 4G LTE
    How to choose the right industrial router #part1

    Industrial routers must prove themselves in the most diverse applications and under different conditions. The ruggedness and reliability of…

    4 min read

    Virtualization in Digital Substations
    IEC 61850 in Substation Automation

    In future energy systems, renewable, decentralized energy suppliers will play an important role at any voltage levels. A high degree…

    6 min read

    Azure Edge Device Provisioning Service - DPS with TPM
    Azure IoT Edge
    Azure IoT Device Provisioning with TPM (DPS)

    When it comes to the rollout and deployment of IoT devices in the field, customers often experience a bunch of…

    5 min read

    4G/LTE Antennas
    4G/LTE Antennas

    LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is often also called 4G. This technology is currently the best developed generation…

    2 min read

    4G LTE, 5G and CDMA/LTE 450 MHz antennas for transformer stations
    Antennas for transformer stations

    Radio technologies are increasingly used to connect remote stations e.g. transformer substations with a central system, such as a control…

    4 min read

    2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi Frequency
    2.4 GHz
    2.4 GHz WiFi and 5 GHz WiFi in comparison

    Advantages and disadvantages of 2.4 GHz WiFi Fluctuating data rates or even connection failures of the WIFI network occur repeatedly…

    5 min read

    Fortigate Virtual Machine as network security layer for IEC 61850 substations
    Fortigate Virtual Machine

    Network security layer for IEC 61850 substations More and more complex applications are realized with virtualization host platforms carrying multiple…

    2 min read


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