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Challenges in mechanical engineering and how IoT helps

Current developments and challenges for IoT in mechanical engineering Mechanical engineering faces numerous challenges, especially in the realm of digitalization. Implementing IoT technologies is a major market trend, offering both opportunities and challenges. Innovation pressure from digitalization: A recent…

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How to implement efficient intrusion detection on substation level

In modern substations there are countless digital devices and software systems that control the power supply (Fig. 1). This is…

6 min read

Yocto vs. Ubuntu – the operating systems in comparison

Overview: Operating system A key decision in the development of IoT projects and edge infrastructures concerns software and, related to…

5 min read

Edge Computing: Data processing at the Edge of the network

What is Edge Computing? Edge computing defines a form of data processing that takes place directly or close to a…

4 min read

What is Trusted Platform Module (TPM)?

In order to increase security in industrial IoT, such as in the area of edge computing, device authentication via the…

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IIoT protocols compared: MQTT vs. OPC UA

Communication standards for the IIoT: MQTT and OPCUA In an increasingly connected world, the challenges of system networking are more…

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more Industrial Computer Arrakis MK4
Maximum performance and flexibility – The new Arrakis MK4

With the new Arrakis MK4 series, we are expanding our industrial computer portfolio with another powerful embedded computer. Like…

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What is MQTT?

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, or MQTT for short, is a communication protocol originally developed by IBM for M2M communication in…

4 min read

Connection of Welotec IoT Edge Devices to inray OPC Router

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to install the OPC Router from inray on Welotec IoT Edge…

9 min read


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