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Smart City

Smart City

Welotec Smart City

In times of a growing urbanization and climate change, the demands on cities are increasing. They need to be more efficient, greener, safer and innovative. They need to be SMART. To meet these challenges urban mobility is the focal point, including public transportation and e-mobility.

Cities can take advantage of smart technologies and raise the standard of living in diverse ways, such as:

  • Increased efficiency and sustainable use of resources
  • A more efficient public transport network with less time losses
  • Reduction of emissions through less traffic and more e-mobility
  • Optimal adaption of services in terms of comfort and security
  • A platform that enables individual mobility and reduces pollution
Welotec Smart City

What is Smart City at Welotec?

We support our customers with innovative communication and computing solutions for local public transport and charging infrastructure. Our mobile solutions provide operators and system integrators one platform and a single source for on-track and off-track applications, including 4G and 5G connectivity. At the same time fulfilling highest requirements in cyber security and longevity.


... delivering superior services in public transport requires a new thinking. ID based ticketing and advanced analytics can set new standards. But this comes along with an interconnection of all systems.

Marlies Willing

Account Manager for Smart City

Marlies Willing - Key Account Managerin
Marlies Willing - Key Account Managerin