4G LTE Routers for Public Transport

Digitization enables the public transport sector to make use of smart solutions and drive improvementsWith LTE network communication public transport operators can take advantage of a connected fleet for gathering information and data for more operation efficiency and better services. This includes the access to actual arrival times of vehicles or planning of alternative routes. It also brings further services like mobile ticketing, cashless payment, or infotainment possibilities. 

LTE 4G routers for public transport applications

The implementation of a communication infrastructure requires not only connectivity for buses and trains but also for the related stations. Public transport operators and system integrators need solution which is easy to deploy and managed. It must be retrofitted quickly for the complete fleet and must be easily integrated into the existing control system.   

The right solution hast to meet the industry standards in case of robust hardwareand IT Security and provide thebest interconnection of IT and OT.

Communication infrastructure for public transport 

Welotec TK800 industrial routers provides operators and system integrators in the transport sector with a mobile platform both on-track and off-track that is perfectly adapted to the needs of the individual applications. In addition to the required certifications for the bus and rail industries, which underline the robustness and longevity of LTE routers, our TK800 industrial router outers offer numerous features that help increasing efficiency and improve services in terms of comfort and security. The benefits at a glance: 

  • 4G LTE for maximum network coverage and availability 
  • High robustness of components in case of vibration or temperature  
  • Best availability through Dual-SIM for network switches 
  • Dual APN – Separation of Data for different systems 
  • GPS – for precise positioning tracking / dead reckoning
  • WiFi access to connected IT device for data transfer at the depot  
  • Router can be operated as client or access point (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)  
  • Various Interfaces for more flexibility to connect diverse system components  
  • Firewall fulfilling highest security requirements (AAA, NGE) 
  • Flexible VPN options (OpenVPN, IPsec, DMVPN) 

Use Case – Welotec TK800 LTE industrial router for buses

4G LTE Routers for Public Transport


Approved for the challenges of public transport  

  ECE Certified 4G routers for mobile apllications
ECE test mark

The TK800 industrial routers are ECE certified and fulfil the specific needs of mobile applications. These include a high resistance against strong and consistent vibrations, voltage fluctuations or extreme temperature fluctuations  


 EN50121-3-2 & EN50155 certified LTE Routers
EN50121-3-2 & EN50155

The TK800 industrial routers are complied with the EN50121-3-2 and EN50155 standards for rail vehicles. They comply with the strict requirements for intense stresses and the concerning fire protection regulation. 

Rollout and management of large scale of routers with Welotec Smart EMS 

The Welotec Smart EMS is a device management system for structured rollout and maintenance of a distributed fleet of routers. It allows a secure zero-touch provisioning, centralized security patching, firmware update and configuration management. 

Rollout and management of large scale of routers with Welotec Smart EMS