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Industrial 4G LTE Router

Automation meets IT - TK800 Series

Automation and IT are two different worlds that have been converging more and more over the last few years. Industrial routers are expected to be robust devices for harsh environmental conditions as well as classic interfaces and protocols of the automation world. The special feature of the TK800 LTE routers is the combination of these features with management functions and network features that could only be found in the IT world.

Configuration and Firmware Management LTE Router

Revolutionize your router management

With the Welotec SMART EMS tool, you can manage your routers centrally and, for example, install updates or new configurations across the board in the shortest possible time. This not only saves time and money, but also provides an overview of all firmware versions in the field. Template-based router management allows routers to be controlled individually or in groups to update settings. Learn how Welotec SMART EMS will revolutionize your router management processes.

Welotec TK815L-EXW LTE/ WLAN Router is Microsoft Azure Certified

Microsoft Azure Certified

Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT - The Welotec TK815L-EXW LTE/WLAN Router is pre-tested and verified for functionality with Microsoft Azure IoT services, so IoT solutions can be implemented quickly.

Future-proof with 4G LTE

With LTE, the fourth-generation mobile radio standard, you can achieve higher speeds and lower latency. You also benefit from better network coverage, especially in rural areas, through providers. The use of diversity or MIMO antennas also ensures better reception. All routers are downward compatible in the mobile radio standard. The 4G version also supports 3G (HSPA+, HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS) and 2G (EDGE, GPRS, GSM). If the network with the highest standard is not available or reception is too weak, the system automatically switches to the next best network.

4G LTE VPN Router TK800 Serie

Higher availability through dual SIM

The devices can be operated with two SIM cards. This enables the use of two different providers to increase availability. If a network failure or a disturbance occurs with one provider, the router automatically switches to another network using the second SIM card.

4G LTE router TK812L - Dual SIM
4G LTE router TK812L - Dual SIM

Next Generation Encryption (NGE)

In terms of security and scalability, NGE includes the best cryptographic algorithms that can be implemented today to ensure network security over the next few years. The TK800 Series LTE routers meet stringent IT infrastructure security requirements with TLS1.2 with PFS, AES 256, AES 384, IKEv2 and SHA256.


The TK800 series is equipped with a built-in firewall with the highest security requirements. In addition to a Stateful Packet Inspection, the routers support Access Control Lists, Intrusion Protection IP/MAC Binding, and much more.


IPsec, OpenVPN, DMVPN, L2TP and GRE. The routers enable the use of various static and dynamic VPN protocols for secure networking. You can use both pre-shared keys and certificates.

Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)

Highest security with intelligent AAA management. The devices are able to use local and server-based AAA solutions such as TACACS+, RADIUS and more for authentication.


Dynamic routing with RIP or OSPF and many possibilities of static routing.

Welotec 4G LTE router TK812L and TK815L-EX0

Interfaces and I/Os

By default, TK800 Series routers have two or five Ethernet ports and a serial interface for configuration. Two serial interfaces (1x RS-232, 1x RS-485) as well as a digital input and a relay output are available as options. The serial interfaces support Modbus RTU/TCP, IEC 60870-5-101/104 and optionally Ntrip.

Correction data via Ntrip

An RTCM-enabled GNSS receiver with external LTE modem connection can receive correction data for GNSS networks such as GPS, Glonas and Galileo with the TK815L-EX0 LTE Router and the Ntrip option.

Extremely robust

In accordance with your industrial requirements, the electronics are installed in high-quality metal housings to effectively protect the devices from external influences. The operating temperature range of -25°C up to +70°C allows the use in demanding and harsh environments. In addition, there is a high electromagnetic compatibility according to EN61000-4. The TK800 is therefore ideally suited for the use in difficult industrial environments. The LTE router has a DIN rail bracket on the rear for mounting in the control cabinet.

Specially selected components and effective thermal management enable high MTBF times (Mean Time Between Failures) in the field and a long service life, thus guaranteeing higher reliability and low maintenance costs.



Device management and Diagnosis

The TK800 devices can be easily configured via the integrated web interface or via the command line (CLI). In addition to local management options, SNMP is also available with many standard commands and extended MIBs.

Model overview

Model Ethernet RS232/
Wi-Fi GPS Cellular Certifications
TK802U 2 Ports - - - UMTS CE, E-Mark
TK805W-EX0 5 Ports Yes - - - CE, UL, FCC, cUL, IC
TK805W-EXW 5 Ports Yes Yes - - CE, UL, FCC, cUL, IC
TK812L 2 Ports - - - LTE CE, E-Mark
TK815L-EX0 5 Ports Yes - - LTE CE, E-Mark
TK815L-EXW 5 Ports Yes Yes - LTE CE, E-Mark
TK815L-EGW 5 Ports Yes Yes Yes LTE CE
TK822L 2 Ports - - - LTE CCC*
TK825L-EX0 5 Ports Yes - - LTE CCC*
TK825L-EXW 5 Ports Yes Yes - LTE CCC*
TK825L-EGW 5 Ports Yes Yes Yes LTE CCC*
TK832L 2 Ports - - - LTE UL, FCC
TK835L-EX0 5 Ports Yes - - LTE UL, FCC
TK835L-EXW 5 Ports Yes Yes - LTE UL, FCC
TK835L-EGW 5 Ports Yes Yes Yes LTE UL, FCC
TK842L 2 Ports - - - LTE UL, FCC
TK845L-EX0 5 Ports Yes - - LTE UL, FCC
TK845L-EXW 5 Ports Yes Yes - LTE UL, FCC
TK845L-EGW 5 Ports Yes Yes Yes LTE UL, FCC
TK872L * 2 Ports - - - LTE CE
TK875L-EX0 * 5 Ports Yes - - LTE CE
TK875L-EXW * 5 Ports Yes Yes - LTE CE
TK875L-EGW * 5 Ports Yes Yes Yes LTE CE
TK882L ** 2 Ports - - - LTE CE
TK885L-EX0 ** 5 Ports Yes - - LTE CE, RCM (Australien)
TK885L-EXW ** 5 Ports Yes Yes - LTE CE, RCM (Australien)
TK885L-EGW ** 5 Ports Yes Yes Yes LTE CE, RCM (Australien)

*1 IPv6
*2 Export version