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Smart Farming

Smart Farming

The farming industry is confronted with dramatic global trends.  A growing population needs to be feand climate change is affecting weather and so harvest results. Given limited resources, there is a need for new approaches to increasefficiency and to adopt to new conditions. 

Smart Farming and Precision Farming are the key technologies, mainly driven by date analysis. They bring potentials, such as:

  • Detection of differences in soil characteristics and yield capacity
  • Optimal operating costs, time savings and higher yields per field
  • Automated adjustments in real time on the field, e. g. track guidance
  • Increased machine efficiency and performance

What is Smart Farming at Welotec?

We support our customers to take advantage of track guidance systems which are the core technology when it comes to precision farming. Here the determination of the exact position of a machine is the basis for all further operation success. Our communication solutions consist of 4G LTE, 5G and private radio RTK systems for best accuracy, repeatability and signal build time. To ensure highest accuracy our RTK Systems eliminate the risk of track drift of global satellite navigation systems.


... uninterrupted transmission of GNSS correction data is crucial for precision agriculture. This is where we come in and help our customers to stay on track.

Daniel Maurice

Director Global Accounts

Daniel Maurice - Director Global Accounts
Daniel Maurice - Director Global Accounts