RTK communication solutions

Precision Farming is one of the key technologies in the area of Smart Farming. As a management system, it makes use of modern technologies to improve efficiency like optimal allocation of resources and utilization of machines. To keep vehicles on track, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) is the first choice to determine geographical positions and so ensuring accuracy, repeatability and optimal signal build time.  


Smart Framing RTK

RTK is the best solution to keep agricultural machines on track.

RTK technology for precision farming

As an approach for the precise determination of position coordinates, RTK makes use of satellite navigation methods to eliminate track drifts. The RTK station has fixed coordinates and tracks the constellation of the GPS satellites. From this position the station continuously calculates and sends a correction signal (in real-time) to the relevant agricultural machine to compensate errors of the received GPS signal. The data transmission is done over 5G and LTE with the Ntrip protocol or via private UHF Radio. In this way the position of the machine can be determined with centimetre accuracy. 

Advantages of RTK for precision farming:   

  • Increased efficiency by field through less overlapping 
  • Saving of operating recourses, e. g. fertilizer  
  • Possibility to extend field work hours, e. g. at night 
  • Fuel savings through optimized machine utilization 
  • Constant driving performance, also under poor visibility conditions 

Welotec RTK Modems for precision farming 

We develop and produce modems for transmitting GPS/GNSS correction data in real time. The so-called RTK modems work with various forms of technology such as 5G, LTE or 869 MHz data transmissions. Through precise positioning with up to 1cm accuracy, agricultural machinery can not only drive automatically, but also apply consumables with optimal dosage for the current soil conditions. 

Example: operating RTK with a Welotec RTK Modem with LTE technology

Mobile 4G LTE RTK Modem for precision farming

Example: operating RTK with a Welotec RTK Modem with radio technology

Radio RTK Modem for precision farming


OEM cooperation with agricultural vehicle producers

Beside our standard portfolio, walso develop OEM solutions, in close cooperation with agricultural machinery manufacturers. With our private radio technology and our 4G and 5G know how, we are the right partner for your own RTK modem. Based on our radio technology and ultra-reliable Ntrip stack we can create your custom solution. 

The right antenna for Precision Farming

For wireless applications the antenna is the critical part for a reliable and uninterrupted connectivity. Together with our partner PCTEL we have a large portfolio on standard antennas for agricultural vehicles and a design center for your own custom-made solution.