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We support Distribution System Operators, Transmission System Operators and system integrators in building secure computing and communication networks for critical infrastructures.

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At the cutting edge – Industrial IoT solutions for your business success

As a technology company, we offer solutions for building industrial IT infrastructures, based on modern information and communication technologies. Our customers benefit from an experienced and competent partner who supports them in the implementation of their individual projects. We constantly focus on an optimal interaction between IT and OT, for easy data access, transfer and a central or distributed data processing. Here industrial IoT is the key driver. It enables our customers and partners to easily digitalise their processes, quickly implement new business models and increase their performance. To achieve these goals, we use innovative technologies and combine hardware and software to create holistic IoT solutions. These are tailored to the needs of our customers, can be implemented quickly, and go hand in hand with a high level of user-friendliness.


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4G LTE, 5G and CDMA/LTE 450 MHz antennas for transformer stations

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