Welotec joins the 450 MHz Alliance

Welotec is proud to be part of the 450 MHz Alliance (450A), a globally recognized industry association that advocates for the interests of all stakeholders involved in 450 MHz spectrum. 450A’s membership includes both mobile operators and equipment manufacturers, as well as many other companies.
The 450A is an independent organization that seeks to realize the full potential of the 450 MHz spectrum band by helping its members achieve their business goals. Through active member participation on the board and their input into strategic planning, needs can be prioritized and requirements communicated to the broad community of suppliers and equipment manufacturers.
“In the power sector, the 450 MHz LTE band in Europe is the key enabler for a crisis-proof communications network. With our 450 MHz LTE routers and antennas, communications remain stable even in the black.” , said Jos Zenner (CTO, Welotec).

We are very happy to be part of this growing community!

450 MHz Alliance