Virtualization in Digital Substations

Substations are at the heart of power grids. Through connecting the different voltage levels, they are responsible for the reliability of the overall power system. Their digitalization is one of the central steps toward the transformation of energy systems. Through advanced server grade IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613 computing solutions and virtualization we bring substations to the digital age.

Virtualization in Digital Substations

Next Generation Substation

In modern power substations intelligent systems like HMI, SCADA, RTU Gateway and Firewall are used. In many substations we find a separate device (hardware) for each of those applications. In general, the single devices are performing one task each.

Virtualization is the technology that allows you to create useful services and applications using resources traditionally tied to specific hardware.

Using virtualization in power substations allows you to reduce the number of different boxes and hardware in the substation

Advantages of virtualization in Substations

01 - before

Without virtualization we have specific hardware for HMI, SCADA and Gateway.

02 - after

With virtualization of the services on the Welotec RSAPC we reduce the specific hardware and just use one substation server.

Benefits are: