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Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Welotec Smart Energy

The energy industry is facing substantial challenges. The demand for electricity and digitization of society are growing. Furthermore the need for decarbonization and decentralized capacity generation put pressure on energy suppliers to adjust business models to remain market positions.  

Smart digital solutions can help in facing these great challenges. When released, the potential brings benefits such as: 

  • Optimized energy generation and distribution according to demand 
  • Improved grid management through digitalized processes and assets 
  • Cost reductions through lower investment and improved efficiency 
  • Higher security in terms of compliance, technology and risk 
Welotec Smart Energy

What is Smart Energy at Welotec?

We provide smart digital technology with upmost reliability and highest cyber security for smart grids and digital substations. This includes IEC 61850-3 computing solutions and mission critical networking technology.


... innovative tailor made and super reliable solutions for our customers increase their competitive advantage.

Daniel Maurice

Director Global Accounts

Daniel Maurice - Director Global Accounts
Daniel Maurice - Director Global Accounts