Tunnel application with a RSAPC

In this application example from Siemens Belgium, the Welotec Rugged Substation Automation PC (RSPAC) is used for the local visualisation of some tunnel application in Brussels.  

In this case, the need for a very robust server is necessary due to the environmental conditions. The RSAPC can permanently withstand the large temperature fluctuations due to its extended operating temperature range (-40 ° – +75°C). In addition, the fanless design and its resistance to dust increases the life of the RSAPC system in the tunnels. 

All parameters from the tunnel are monitored by the system so that it can continuosly react to certain events. When, for example, a limit of CO concentration is measured, the ventilation will be started. The pumps are started when it is raining.  

All collected information and visualisation is sent to the Brussels Mobility headquarters, where an operator tracks the operations around the clock. A local backup system is implemented in every tunnel. The system has exactly the same functions but is limited to one tunnel. The applications run on the RSAPC.  

Control cabinet with installed RSAPC
The Rugged Substation Automation PC is installed in a controll cabinet.

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