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Smart Industry

Smart Industry and Industry 4.0 are constantly evolving and merging the physical and digital worlds. At the same time the global economy empowers customers. These frame conditions set tough challenges to many companies in case of production flexibility or resource allocation.

New technologies like 5G or AI accelerate the development of new applications to increase efficiency and business results, such as:

  • Additive manufacturing 
  • Digitalization  
  • Integration of data and workflows 
  • Remote monitorin 
  • Automation of controls  

What is Smart Industry at Welotec?

We bring AI and machine learning to the Edge. By combining our devices and applications with cloud integration and management we enable our customers to operate their digital and connected infrastructure at the Edge. This allows direct data analysis and trouble-free processing.


... as a reliable basis for containerized microservices and for hassle-free provision of APPs from the cloud, our edge gateways are the first choice.

Jan Hille

Solutions Architect

Jan Hille
Jan Hille