Distributed VPN and Remote Access for secure networking

Secure communication with distributed assets over public networks is indispensable for digital business models. Especially companies which have to maintain machines and systems in the field or at customer sites are still finding it difficult to create the right infrastructure for the digitalization of their business model. To reduce operating costs, management of the many devices in the field must be simple and scalable. 

Distributed VPN and Remote Access for secure networking

With the Welotec Remote Access solutions it is easy to roll out and maintain a large fleet of devices. New business requirements can easily be implemented. 

Remote access for a machine builder

Machine builders that need to monitor and maintain assets at customer sites and want to avoid travelling rely on a robust remote connection to the machines. Beside that they need to have an easy rollout of the devices for new machines but also for existing machines in the field.  

With the Remote Access Portal from Welotec and the Rugged 4G TK800 routers remote maintenance becomes zero-touch. The routers are preconfigured and while there is the first roll out and registration, they get their configuration and certificates from the remote access portal and remote access can be established.  

This makes a roll out of a remote monitoring and maintenance fast and easy. The TK800 routers are also approved for most countries in the world. 

Step 01

Welotec TK800 Router is pre-configured at Welotec Factory and SIM is installed.

Step 02

Devices (e.g. 10x TK800 Router) are shipped to the customer

Step 03

Customer install TK800 at the machine, connect 4G antenna, Ethernet Cable and Power.

Step 04

TK800 is going online and showing up in the Remote Access Portal (self-registration).

Step 05

Customer can activate TK800 in the Remote Access Portal and assign a configuration.

Step 06

Configuration and Credentials are installed in the TK800.

Step 07

Secure Remote Access from a Computer – over the Remote Access Portal – to the device behind the TK800 (e.g. a PLC) is seamless possible.

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