Flexible computing at the Edge – Welotec Edge Gateway

During the implementation of Industry 4.0 and the digitalization of manufacturing processes, the amount of data generated on machines and systems is becoming more and more extensive. Since not all data can be sent to the cloud in real time, the pre-processing of data at the edge of the network is becoming increasingly important. 

Flexible computing at the Edge

Modern Edge computing solutions need to be easy to deploy, flexible, highly secure and reliable. They also need to seamless integrate in the cloud.

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is its flexibility. With the computing solutions from Welotec bring this advantage to the Edge

Edge computing with cloud integration for machine builders

Machine builders that need to collect data and maintain their machines at the customer site need to have a continues link to their systems. New setups use a public or private cloud. Because not all data demanding applications can run in the cloud edge computing is needed. This means that algorithms and programs are running next to the machine and only a selection of data is transmitted to the cloud.

With the Edge gateways from Welotec this becomes simple. The gateways are installed at the machines before they are shipped and connected to the PLC’s, HMI’s or other smart devices at the machine. As soon as they go online via Ethernet, 4G LTE or 5G they connect securely to the cloud and download their specific applications. There are many different applications possible, this could be for example an OPC UA or Modbus data acquisition module as well as a module for data analytics and predictive maintenance.

As soon as the software is downloaded and installed it can operate, collect and compute data from the machine and integrate with the cloud. If additional software is needed it can seamless be installed from the cloud.

Easy provisioning of Welotec Edge Gateways

Step 01

Install Edge Gateway at the machine and choose provisioning scenario.

Step 02

Based on the profile in the cloud the right applications are installed at the edge.

Step 03

Edge Gateway starts to collect the data from the machines.

Step 04

Data is computed locally at the Edge and exchanged with the cloud.

Step 05

New applications can be installed from the cloud; old applications can be removed.


  • Discover the value of the data at the Edge
  • Create new business models with this data including predictive maintanance, usage- and benefit-based billing
  • Continues adapt and envolve new business models on the fly.

Did you know?

The Welotec Edge Gateway seamless integrates with the Welotec VPN Security Suite. This allows you to extend your Edge computing application with traditionall remote maintanance at any time without installing new hardware.