Intelligent solution for public transport

Based on Welotec industrial routers of the TK800 series and the Welotec SMART EMS software, a solution was created to securely transmit data from public transport in the area of e-ticketing and to centrally manage the integrated devices.

About Welotec GmbH

With over 50 years of experience in the fields of industry, energy, agriculture and public transport, Welotec supports its customers in the development and implementation of information and communication technologies. Hardware and software are combined in holistic concepts so that customers are offered the greatest possible flexibility and individuality. With individual communication and computing solutions for local public transport, Welotec supports system integrators and operators in the realisation of innovative projects.

About the Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH Group

The Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH group of companies develops integrated system solutions for the Parking Solutions, Access Solutions, Signalling Systems, Fare Collection Systems and Fuel Retail Solutions divisions. All end products are manufactured in-house at the sites in Mönchengladbach, Zilinia (Slovakia) and Lowell (USA). With a total of 3,000 employees at more than 50 locations, the Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH group of companies is an internationally active company.


By using different industrial router models that are GPS and WLAN capable, new technical applications in public transport, such as real-time data transmission in the e-ticketing sector, are made possible. The search was on for routers that could be integrated into various ticket vending machines in underground stations, buses, trams and retail stations in Germany and abroad and transmit the data securely in encrypted form. The routers are built directly into the multifunctional e-ticketing machines. In addition, a solution was sought to manage and monitor all the components involved. The Welotec SMART EMS software ensures that the components installed in the field can be administered and updated remotely. The management and provision of firmware updates for the routers can thus be controlled centrally.


The Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH group of companies was looking for robust industrial routers for their application. Welotec devices and applications fulfil the corresponding requirements:

  • ECE certification, EN50121-3-2, EN50155
  • US certifications for mobile radio modules (AT & T / Verizon)
  • Management software integration
  • Support for the implementation of devices and software


General conditions

The central condition was the testing of the industrial router by the internal quality management of Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH. The production of the end devices takes place in-house. External devices must meet the high quality standards in order to be integrated into the production line. For this purpose, extensive tests are carried out, for which test products were made available quickly and without complications. The Welotec device was able to pass the test. In addition, all parts of the Welotec devices fulfil the requirement for long-term availability in form, fit and function. In addition to the conditions for the device, there were key requirements in terms of coordination and organisation. Thanks to intensive one-to-one support, different projects could be realised at short notice, quickly and without complications. Communication at eye level and mutual trust supported the positive cooperation.

Solution and components used

In this setup, the Welotec TK815L-X0 industrial routers from the TK800 series serve as the basic product. They can be used for various applications in different versions and have approvals for many countries. Depending on the area of application, WiFi, WAN / Cellular, GPS or other individual requirements can be covered. They are also certified for public transport applications. The routers are particularly characterised by their robustness against temperature, vibration and shock (according to DIN EN 61373, category 1, class B). According to DIN EN 45545-2, they fulfil the conformities with regard to fire protection. They also meet the EMC requirements ECE-R10, EN50121-3-2 and EN60950. An integrated “state of the art” firewall offers the highest security requirement, as it protects the entire system from unauthorised access. The industrial routers of the TK800 series also have a wide range of VPN options.

SMART EMS was used as the central component for fleet management. This allows router configurations and firmware updates to be rolled out, managed and installed centrally. Zero touch provisioning ensures that rollout and management are carried out to the highest security standards. In addition, an integrated PKI enables the creation, allocation, distribution and revocation of certificates.

Welotec provides the routers with a minimum configuration so that they are already able to establish an Internet connection and contact the SMART EMS. In addition, an electronic delivery note is supplied to enable the routers to be integrated into the SMART EMS. After delivery of the devices, the routers are equipped with a SIM card, antenna and power supply so that the routers can independently contact the SMART EMS online and download the corresponding configuration. This means that manual configuration of the individual routers is no longer necessary.


The technical solution developed is convincing due to its holistic nature. Due to the product characteristics of the industrial routers, a reliable, constant and especially secure data transfer is guaranteed. The SMART EMS management software enables efficient and uncomplicated fleet management. Since all devices can be centrally monitored, the maintenance process for the Scheidt & Bachmann group of companies is also facilitated. The multifunctional e-ticketing validator FareGo Val OV|41 is connected to the Internet via the industrial router, and the integrated GPS function enables the route travelled to be determined on the basis of registered stop points. The solution opens the doors for modern and sustainable public transport as well as relaxed and comfortable access for all passengers.