4G LTE and 5G Antennas for Public Transport

In interconnection of the complete fleet and a steady data exchange is the basis for digitization in the public transport sector. This makes a reliable wireless communication infrastructure indispensable. Beside other parts, antennas are the crucial component in the system architecture. To secure network connectivity and successful implementation, it´s important to consider the right antenna technology at an early stage in the project.

4G LTE and 5G Antennas for Public Transport

especially in the public transport the demands on antennaare increasing to support data, voice and video transmission. 

Radio planning and selection of the right antenna technology 

Radio planning in terms of mobile coverage and measurement of radio characteristics is essential for the reliability of the system. Existing data and coverage maps of the public transport operator help with the choice of the appropriate technology, the selection of the right mobile operator and the type of antenna.  

Antenna technologies are designed to significantly increase the coverage and speed at which data is transmitted while improving connections to the central network over 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi and GPS / GNSS networks. 

Different frequencies and performance of wide band antennes 

There are different technologies to use like: 

  • 4G LTE – 700 to 2700 MHz 
  • 5G – 698 to 5900 MHz 
  • KAR – 410 to 430 MHz
  • VHF – 148 to 160 MHz
  • LTE – 698 to 2700 MHz

For applications in public transport sector mobile coverage is very important. Lower radio frequencies have a much better mobile coverage and building penetration. Frequencies above 2 GHz are not suitable for mass rollouts. That is why the performance of the antennas in the sub 2 GHz bands is most important. 

Welotec antenna technologies for public transport 

Based on a long-time experience with antennas for critical infrastructures, we provide a wide range of solutions for different use cases.  Here we support public transport operators and system integrators to fulfil their project goals in terms of connectivity and data transfer. At the same time our durable solutions enable our customers an easy installation and fast rollout . The relevant antenna technologies at a glance: 

5G MIMO Multiband Vehicle Antenna

5G MIMO Multiband Vehicle Antenna 

Multi-band antenna for roof mounting which combines different antennas in a single housing for less hardware usage and maintenance effort. The antenna comes with integrated 5G frequencies and coordinated design for best receptionThe easy installation (single line output for all integrated antennas) enables a fast rollout. The housing is compliant with IP67 for best protection. 

4G Low-Profile Multiband Vehicle Antenna

4G Low-Profile Multiband Vehicle Antenna 

Multi-band antenna for roof mounting especially designed for vehicle application. Perfectly designed for installations on surfaces with limited space. The different antenna platforms are defined by the housing design and the number of connections for LTE, WLAN and GNSS. 


Low-Profile Antenne für KAR (Korte Afstand Radio) Low-Profile vehicle antenna for KAR  

The KAR (Korte Afstand Radio) protocol is used in the Netherlands for priority switching between authorised vehicles and road systems. The antenna is ideally designed for usage on vehicles. The housing complies with IP65 and is covered with foam for effective shock absorption 


Low-Profile VHF vehicle antenna

Low-Profile VHF vehicle antenna 

VHF antenna designed for roof mounting on vehicles (e. g. buses). Due to it´s high range of good transmission, the antenna is well suited for traffic light priority circuits. It comes with a compact and aerodynamic design. The robust and highly impact-resistant housing ensures reliability and protection against weather influences. 


LTE antenna for control cabinet mounting

LTE antenna for control cabinet mounting 

LTE antenna for control cabinets. Comes with an easy and flexible installation for fast roll-out – mounting by screw connection, magnetic base or bracket