LTE communication solutions for distributed charging stations

E-mobility is an essential aspect when talking about sustainable solutions for urban mobilityThis includes both, public and private transport. However, a successful implementation is based on an accessible charging infrastructure for all traffic participants. Beside a wide area coverage with charging stations, each station needs to be integrated into a communication network and linked to a central control point. This enables services like new payment options or Smartphone authorisation and possibilities for station monitoring  


Communication solutions for charging stations

Since cabling is often very uneconomical, a wireless solution improves efficiency in case of rollout and management in the field.

Welotec 4G LTE industrial router for charging stations

Welotec 4G LTE Router for charging stations

Welotec TK500 Routers provide operators and system integrators with a platform for reliable connectivity and easy rollout. The solution also fulfils the high demands for outdoor usage and extreme temperature fluctuations.  Here a short overview of the key benefits for operators and system integrators:  

  • Operating temperatures from  15 °C to +70 °C 
  • Connection via LTE or UMTS 
  • Flexible VPN options (IPsec or OpenVPN server and client) 
  • Various Interfaces  to connect further devices in a charging stations
  • Small dimension for easy integration into housings  

Welotec Antennas for charging stations

Communication via radio always requires an antenna. As charging stations are usually made for public use, the choice of antennas must be carefully considered. Based on a long-time experience with antennas for critical infrastructures, we support operators and system integrators with the right choice of antenna for best connectivity and data transfer.

4G LTE antenna with high efficiency in 700 to 1800 MHz bands

LTE Antennas (700 – 2700 MHz)

Customers profit from robust and vandalism-proof antennas covering all mobile radio frequencies, incl. a flexible choice of mobile radio operator and location. The antennas can be mounted directly on the housing and come with a compact and inconspicuous design. Beside 4G LTE the antennas also support legacy UMTS and GPRS frequencies.

Our solution comes with different options including an extreme flat design which perfectly blends into the overall appearance of charging stations. The antenna comes with an easy installation and protection aginst vandalism and is best equipped for outdoor use. 

Rollout and management of large scale of routers with Welotec Smart EMS 

The Welotec Smart EMS is a device management system for structured rollout and maintenance of a distributed fleet of routers. It allows a secure zero-touch provisioning, centralized security patching, firmware update and configuration management. 

Mass Rollout and management of routers with Welotec Smart EMS