A powerful duo in the world of data

FLECS and Welotec: Simplify and accelerate data collection, processing, and use

In a world increasingly dominated by data, the choice of the right hardware and software solution is becoming more and more important. This is where FLECS and Welotec come in: Together we offer innovative solutions that simplify and accelerate the collection, processing and use of data. Together with Patric Scholz, Managing Director of FLECS, we take a look at our partnership.

Who is FLECS?

FLECS Technologies GmbH, a dynamic startup based in the Allgäu region of Germany, is the driving force behind the FLECS open source project. As a forward-looking automation tool, FLECS simplifies the installation of applications on machine controllers and provides a marketplace with an e-commerce solution for applications, and a robust communication layer. Available for all Linux-based systems, FLECS focuses on transparency and adaptability and is used in industries such as mechanical engineering, intralogistics, building automation and mobile work machines.

What are the benefits for customers of the cooperation between your software marketplace and the edge computer manufacturer Welotec?

A key advantage of our cooperation is the perfect synergy between Welotec’s advanced edge computers and our versatile software marketplace. This combination allows us to offer our customers a complete end-to-end solution that ensures seamless integration of hardware and software. Our customers benefit from a tailored solution that not only increases efficiency and flexibility, but also reduces time-to-market. For example, it is possible to order a fully pre-configured and licensed FLECSBox from Welotec, allowing immediate configuration of the system on the FLECS interface.

In addition, the integration of Welotec’s fleet management and VPN solution into our marketplace expands our offering to include an even more comprehensive and secure automation solution.

How is the compatibility between your software and the edge computers of the hardware manufacturer ensured to guarantee smooth integration and use for the customers?

Thanks to our intensive cooperation during the development phase and thorough testing, we ensure that our software solutions and Welotec hardware interact perfectly. Welotec devices are already equipped with a Linux system and Docker support. This allowed us to ensure that our open-source software, FLECS Core, could be installed and optimized on the device within minutes. No technical customization was necessary, and we could rely on proven standards. This smooth integration ensures that our customers get up and running quickly and enjoy consistently high performance.

What kind of support and technical assistance can customers expect from our partnership?

Our customers enjoy a wide range of support services, from technical assistance to regular updates and specialized support. A special highlight is the possibility of getting the FLECSBox pre-installed and licensed directly from Welotec, which greatly simplifies the implementation process. In addition, FLECS offers individual service and support packages that include personal support and quick onboarding by a dedicated contact person. This ensures fast solutions at start-up and for ongoing operations on-site. In addition, our white-labeling capabilities make it easy to extend the FLECS interface and marketplace. We also provide comprehensive support for the deployment and distribution of our users’ own software solutions via our marketplace.

How will the cooperation between your software marketplace and the edge computer manufacturer Welotec accelerate the speed of innovation and product development for end customers?

It accelerates both significantly. Immediate access to a wide range of applications and rapid implementation of new solutions allow our customers to shorten their development cycles and respond quickly to market demands. Our collaboration results in a flexible solution that allows companies to benefit from advanced automation without deep technical expertise. In addition, FLECS allows the integration of their own solutions and their distribution to specific customer groups, offering extensive possibilities for individual customization and innovation.


How do you see Welotec’s role in expanding the FLECS ecosystem and which specific technologies or solutions from Welotec are already being used in your market or could be used in the future?

Welotec is an important strategic partner that contributes significantly to the expansion of our portfolio with its technology and solutions. This partnership not only promotes technical synergy, but also enriches our ecosystem with additional hardware options and extended services such as fleet management and VPN. This allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

How does the partnership with Welotec promote the development of customized solutions for specific industry requirements?

By closely aligning our software with Welotec’s hardware, we are able to respond flexibly to the specific needs of our customers and develop customized solutions that are precisely tailored to their requirements. For us as a start-up, it is essential to have a partner by our side who can also react quickly and adaptively to customer wishes. In addition to Welotec’s customizable hardware, FLECS can also be easily modified, white-labeled, or extended with its own products. This includes everything from the rollout of the application to sales and subsequent support.

From FLECS’ point of view, how important are Welotec’s cloud and edge computing capabilities for the future of technology?

For FLECS, Cloud and Edge Computing are key technologies for the future, enabling efficient handling of ever-increasing data volumes. With Welotec’s powerful hardware, excellent edge computing is realized, which ensures improved response times and higher data quality through local processing. By implementing artificial intelligence directly at the edge, data processing is further optimized, and the efficiency of our automation solutions is increased. These technologies are critical to increasing effectiveness and supporting our customers in their market leadership.