Cloud platforms are an essential component of edge infrastructures

Edge infrastructure guide: choosing the right software and cloud integration for improved performance and security

Building on the operating system, choosing the optimal software in an edge infrastructure is critical for maximum efficiency, scalability and system performance. Below are some key aspects to consider when selecting software for edge infrastructures:

Key criteria for edge infrastructure software selection.

  • Requirements and goals: The specific requirements and goals of your edge infrastructure should be clearly defined in order to select the right software.
  • Scalability: choose software that scales easily and integrates seamlessly with other systems.
  • Reliability: choose reliable software to ensure stable and continuous data processing.
  • Interoperability: The selected software should be compatible with other systems and platforms.
  • Security: The software should meet all security-related requirements.
  • Maintainability: The software should be easily maintainable.
  • Cost: The cost of the software should be in proportion to the benefits and overall value of the edge infrastructure.


Cloud computing


The importance of cloud integration in edge infrastructures.

Integrating edge computing applications with the cloud is an essential component of edge infrastructures. Various cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer suitable solutions for this purpose.

Key services for cloud integration.

aws greengrassAWS Greengrass: AWS Greengrass is a service that enables IoT devices to respond to data locally while leveraging the cloud to manage, analyze and store IoT applications. With version 2.0, AWS Greengrass has received an open source license and added the ability to create custom components in multiple programming languages. It also allows devices to use AWS services such as AI inference, synchronization and secret management.


Azure IoT HubAzure IoT Hub: Azure IoT Hub is a managed service that acts as a central message hub for bidirectional communication between IoT applications and the devices. It provides features such as device identity, secure communications, and it enables telemetry data analysis and event response.



Azure IoT EdgeAzure IoT Edge: Azure IoT Edge is a service that brings cloud intelligence to edge devices. It enables devices to analyze and respond to data in near real-time, even when they are not constantly connected to the cloud. Azure IoT Edge can be used to run AI models, custom logic and cloud logic on edge devices.


DPSDevice Provisioning Service (DPS): DPS is part of Azure IoT Hub and enables secure, scalable and automated enrollment of millions of IoT devices. DPS supports multiple authentication methods and enables devices to automatically receive the correct configurations and software after enrollment. Please also read our Whitepaper Azure IoT Device Provisioning with TPM (DPS).


Important factors in selecting a cloud provider.

Selecting the right cloud provider depends on several factors, including the specific requirements of your business infrastructure, budget and existing IT skills.

Optimizing edge computing applications.



When deploying devices and software from the cloud, it is critical to have an effective strategy for scaling and maintaining edge computing applications. Containerization and continuous deployment can help automate and simplify this.

Security and reliability of the cloud connection.



The connection between edge applications and cloud systems must be secure and reliable, especially for critical infrastructure.

User management in the cloud

User Management


Effective user management is another important aspect of using edge infrastructures. It is essential that users and roles are managed and secured efficiently.


Key strategies for a successful edge infrastructure

In conclusion, careful software selection and appropriate cloud integration are key aspects of an efficient, scalable and secure edge infrastructure. They are critical to the success of your technology initiatives. With this in mind, thoughtful and informed decisions are the foundation of any successful edge infrastructure.

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