Bridge monitoring based on Edge computing

Bridges are exposed to constant weathering as well as heavy loads and movement. To ensure traffic safety, they are subjected to various inspections at regular intervals, which are very time-consuming and costly. Depending on the location of the bridge, a large amount of effort has to be expended in the form of entire road closures or even nightly inspections. This leads to high costs, traffic jams and considerable efficiency losses.

Bridge monitoring with Edge Computing


In order to detect deformations on bridges, we have developed a solution using Edge computing, which measures and reports fluctuations and changes on the bridge. Through continuous monitoring, possible damage and fluctuations are detected more quickly. Based on this, early maintenance or, if necessary, repair can be initiated before major damage occurs and the bridge has to be closed. During monitoring, the most important data is collected and recorded in the long term so that new conclusions can be drawn. The data stored in the cloud is displayed in suitable dashboards and at the same time linked to a warning system. Should a conspicuous measurement have taken place at the bridge, operators have the possibility of immediate action.

Structure of the solution

Bridge monitoring with Edge Computing

In order to measure even the smallest movements of the bridge, the solution is based on a laser distance sensor from the Dimetex D series. This is particularly suitable due to the large measuring ranges from 0 to 500 metres, which enables flexible mounting in the vicinity of the bridge. In addition, the sensor convinces with a max. measuring rate of 250 Hz and a high accuracy of 1 mm.

The data collected by the sensor is transmitted to the Welotec Edge Gateway EG600 and pre-processed there. Thanks to the complete cloud integration of the gateway in Azure IoT Hub and Azure Edge, the data can be processed decentrally and applications can be provided. The software environment and the integrated firewall also ensure maximum security for flexible data processing and storage.

Through integration in Welotec VPN Security Suite, scalable VPN infrastructures are established, thus reducing the coordination effort in the area of IT security.  Our customers benefit from a secure connection and remote access to the devices at the bridge.

To ensure reliable monitoring 24/7, the solution is supervised by a monitoring system. Should there be any malfunctions or damage to any of the components, these can be quickly remedied.

About Dimetix 

Dimetix AG has been developing and producing top class laser distance sensors for the international market for over 15 years. As a Swiss company, they strive for the highest possible quality for uniquely accurate distance sensors. Especially for applications with high accuracy requirements, the Dimetix sensors offer a suitable solution.