Welotec VPN Security Suite and Red Lion FlexEdge™

Intelligent Edge Automation platform with integrated remote maintenance via VPN

The Edge Automation Platform FlexEdge™ combines as an all-in-one solution router, firewall, protocol converter, data visualisation, data logger and edge controlling in one device. Welotec expands the platform with the VPN Security Suite and Smart EMS to create a VPN concentrator, remote maintenance, and device management solution. 


Many plants and machines are not directly integrated into central enterprise systems – where IT and OT applications exchange data, integration often proves difficult. Many devices are needed for protocol conversion when PLCs, controllers and other OT devices are connected. In addition, further devices are needed for a cloud connection, e.g., via MQTT. Furthermore, remote access should be possible in addition to data exchange.

Advantages and implications

Red Lion’s FlexEdge™, in conjunction with Welotec’s VPN Security Suite and Smart EMS, replaces multiple devices and automates processes in applications. The connection, configuration, and management of digitisation projects at the machine are simplified for the IT and OT departments of a company.

  • Anything in – Anything out – Simple integration of heterogeneous systems
  • Secure VPN access to machines and systems
  • Integrated remote maintenance solution
  • Central device management
  • Integrated LTE connection / 5G Ready
  •  Native cloud integration to many popular cloud providers
  •  300+ OT/IT protocols
  • Decentralised visualisation and storage of KPI/OEE
  • Decentralised data preparation for optimised data flow

Example 1: Acquisition of machine data from different subnets


  • OT: Generate machine data from three different sub-networks
  • OT: Convert the data into mean values and KPIs
  • OT: Visualise the calculated KPIs at runtime of the machine via web HMI
  • IT: Data via MQTT to the cloud
  • IT: Secure remote access to all three subnets (VPN)
Figure 1: Acquisition of machine data from different subnets
Figure 1: Acquisition of machine data from different subnets

Further application examples and additional information on the solution can be found in the free Solution Brief. You can download it here.

About Red Lion Controls

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