Secure data access and transfer from local network stations to SCADA and cloud

The decentralized feed-in of renewable energies and a growing demand for electricity, e.g. in passenger transport, place great demands on energy distribution. Particularly in the area of low- and medium-voltage networks, the requirements are increasing due to changing energy flow directions as well as load and voltage fluctuations. These challenges can only be met with an active distribution network with smart local network stations. These contribute to active load management in the distribution network and enable fast and automatic troubleshooting.

The local network station as a data source for IoT – connectivity from sensor to SCADA or cloud

The use of IoT technologies makes it possible to digitize local substations and thus analyze installations, power quality problems, network anomalies and failures. For medium-voltage networks, monitoring of the status of the distribution network is carried out using intelligent short-circuit indicators and sensors. For low-voltage networks, monitoring and control of all energy data is performed. In order to use the sensor data of the short-circuit indicators or meters centrally, the data must be read out via Modbus RTU or TCP and converted into a Northbound protocol. SCADA systems typically use IEC 60870-5-104.  For cloud-based systems such as Azure IoT Hub or AWS IoT, MQTT is the main requirement.

Establishment of a communication infrastructure for IoT applications in local network stations

The right Hardware – Welotec 4G LTE Router TK602L

The Welotec TK602L industrial router enables the acquisition of sensor data from the fault annunciator as well as a protocol conversion. Thereby it is possible to connect to a central SCADA via IEC 104 and to send data via MQTT to a cloud system at the same time. The space-saving housing and DIN rail mounting allow the TK602L to be easily installed in a compact substation.

Image: Data transfer in SCADA and cloud with protocol conversion

Rollout and management of a high number of devices

With Welotec Smart EMS we offer you a rollout and management system for a large number of devices in the field, including Welotec 4G LTE Router TK602L. This enables e.g. centralized management of many distributed devices in the field, automated configuration and firmware updates as well as easy scaling via a template-based approach.

Secure E2E connection – from sensor to SCADA or cloud

In addition to a central device management, a secure data transfer, from the sensor to the SCADA / cloud system, is of great importance. With Welotec VPN Security Suite we offer you a solution for the automated setup of encrypted VPN infrastructures. The solution includes among others a VPN concentrator as well as a management of VPN infrastructures and can be integrated into the network of EVUs. The resulting advantages at a glance:

  • 24/7 remote access portal for technicians
  • OpenVPN-based connection, complies with BSI standard
  • High flexibility with regard to the network of the mobile network provider
  • Each device automatically receives its own IP address within the VPN
  • Possibility to connect monitoring systems such as Solarwinds via VPN
  • API First – all functions can be accessed via APIs

Image: Infrastructure for E2E communication with central device management for local network stations.


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