Smart Grid – efficient rollout and management of 4G LTE routers

The energy industry is in a transition facing various challenges, like growing electricity demand or a decentralized capacity generation. In this context Smart Grid represents the essential part bringing together both sides, supply and demand. Through automation, a continuous optimization and asset management it improves efficiency and reliability for supply of electricity. 

Smart Grid – efficient rollout and management of 4G LTE routers

Network-communication – a critical success factor for Smart Grid 

To realize the potentials of smart grids, a suitable communication infrastructure is key. This is the backbone which is needed to connect all participants in the distributed network and ensure a safe data exchange between the relevant systems and components. In this case the used communication technology (IT & OT) must fulfil the latest standards and be uncomplicated in case of deployment and updates.  

Challanges of mass deployment of 4G LTE routers

The deployment of a high number of LTE routers in the field comes not only with the decision for a specific type of router or antenna. It requires a long-term consideration of rollout and management of devices in the field 

The rollout of LTE routers in critical environments comes with high effort in coordination of staff with specific skillsThis can lead to extended reaction times and a lack control. It´s also important to have access to diagnostics to ensuring a proper device maintenance and avoidance of downtimes. Furthermore, the devices must fulfil IT security standards and procedures.

Welotec SMART EMS – Software for mass 4G LTE router deployments

Developed in close cooperation with large DSOs our software solution SMART EMS provides Smart Grid operators a platform for an easy and efficient rollout and management of Welotec 4G LTE routers, securing connectivity and network communication.  

 The key advantages for Smart Grid operators:   

  •  Easy rollout of devices using zero touch provisioning and automated deployment of firmware updates or device configurations– Smart Grid operators are enabled to reduce staff effort through remote access and automated processes. No special skills is required for deployment. 
  • Central device-management decreasing coordination effort in IT and OT  Smart Grid operators benefit from a more efficient processing and less traveling times
  • Short reaction times in case of security risk – 24/device access reduces downtimes of connectivity and allows fast trouble shooting for grid reliability
  • Improved device monitoring and seamless integration into SCADA – Smart Grid operators are equipped with complete overview of LTE routers in the field, integrated in the central monitoring system to streamline processes
  • Data aggregation for improved diagnostics and better decision making  Collected data of devices can be used to improve device performance and lifetime (e. g. predictive maintenance)
  • Possibility to run automated security audits  Smart Grid operators can fulfil security standards without high handling effort  

Deployment of 4G LTE Routers with SMART EMS in critical infrastructures

Deployment of 4G LTE Routers with SMART EMS in critical infrastructures