Solution Brief: WAGO Controller PFC200

Automated VPN Infrastructures based on Docker Containers


With the PFC200 controller family, WAGO has combined PLC and IT functions in one device. It has an integrated OpenVPN client, a firewall, and support for Docker containers. The Welotec VPN Security Suite serves as a complementary solution for building scalable VPN infrastructures. It comes with a an integrated VPN Container Client (VPN-CC).


  • Secure End-to-End connection from the Control Center to the PLC (WAGO Controller PFC200)
  • Rollout on WAGO Controller PFC200 through Docker Container
  • Simple management and administration of VPN certificates
  • Automatic setting of firewall rules

More topics

  • Challenges in building VPN infrastructures
  • Welotec VPN Security Suite in combination with WAGO Controller PFC 200
  • Advantages and Implications


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