Virtualized FortiGate Firewall on Welotec IEC 61850-3 Substation Server

Solution Brief: FortiGate Firewall on Welotec IEC 61850-3 Substation Server

Executive Summary

Welotec and Fortinet have partnered to deliver an industry-leading security solution for electric substations. Virtualizing the FortiGate next-generation firewall (NGFW) on the Welotec RSAPC increases the security level and decreases operational cost.


Joint Solution Components

  • Fortinet FortiGate NextGeneration Firewall
  • Welotec RSAPC IEC 61850-3 Substation Server


Joint Solution Benefits

  • Increase IT and OT security in digital substations
  • Deep packet inspection including IEC 104 and IEC 61850
  • Easy scalability of the firewall performance through virtualization
  • Easy rollout because no additional hardware is needed
  • Reduce OpEx and CapEx



Substations are at the heart of power grids. Through connecting the different voltage levels, they are responsible for the reliability of the overall power system. Their digitalization is one of the central steps toward the transformation of energy systems.
In modern power substations, intelligent systems like HMI, SCADA, RTU gateway, and firewall are used. In many substations we find a separate device (hardware) for each of those applications. In general, the single devices are performing one task each.
Managing the proprietary hardware systems and software revisions becomes an increasingly complex task and increases cost. Missed updates and patches for the hardware/software systems increase the threat level.

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