Data transfer via drag & drop with OPC Router and Edge Gateways

The OPC Router from inray is a software solution for data collection, merging and provides data at the right time at the right place. With its plug-ins, numerous systems can be connected, such as ERP systems (SAP), cloud system (Azure, AWS), databases (SQL, InfluxDB), printers (Zebra, Videojet, Domino, Cloud) and controllers (Siemens, WAGO). These connections are made via OPC UA, MQTT or REST, among others. Individual system components are connected via drag & drop on a graphical interface – without programming knowledge. The result is a living and independently acting Industry 4.0 system. The OPC Router is available as a Docker container and can be easily executed on Welotec Edge Gateways. Due to the already integrated operating system, the Edge Gateways enable an easy implementation in the Azure Cloud and have a local container runtime. In addition, they meet a high security standard. The remote maintenance and management solution (Welotec Smart EMS and VPN Security Suite) round off the overall IoT solution.