Selection criteria and requirements for Edge Computer

Welotec Smart Industry

When selecting the right edge computer for IoT applications, some criteria should be considered. Each application has its specific conditions and requirements for the devices. Especially for large-scale projects, well thought-out planning in advance is important.

Hardware specifications for Edge Computer

Depending on the requirements of the respective project, decisions have to be made regarding the hardware specifications or the technical requirements for the devices. These include the processor manufacturer, selection of the appropriate operating system, external and internal interfaces, supply voltage, possible cloud connection, e.g. Microsoft Azure, communication protocols and the size of the RAM.

Certifications and approvals

Depending on the area of application, the devices must meet certain certifications, approvals or guidelines. These include certifications and approvals that are essential for use in certain regions. Among other things, the Edge Gateways meet the conditions for CE, RoHS, REACH in the European region and FCC for the US market. Certifications and approvals that are relevant for the European Union or for other countries can be found in our overview. Furthermore, depending on the application, specific certifications such as Azure certifications may be relevant.

Installation situation

Edge computer are available in various designs and with different mounting options. Edge computers with DIN rail mounting can be installed directly on the machine or in the control cabinet in a particularly space-saving manner. If space is limited, devices for wall mounting are also suitable.

Environmental conditions for Edge Computer

Various aspects should be considered with regard to environmental conditions:

Extreme temperatures: What thermal challenges could limit or even prevent smooth operation? Expansion cards or image processing units, among others, play a role here, as they have an impact on performance and reliability. In addition, the ambient temperature has a direct influence on the cooling principle (with or without fan). The Welotec Edge Computing Gateways, for example, enable reliable and flawless operation in the operating temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees.

Humidity and moisture from the environment: A particularly high humidity requires a special IP protection. In this case, the edge computers should have a very tight housing. Direct water contact of the devices should also be considered in the selection. The Welotec Edge Computing Gateways work reliably at a humidity of 5 – 95 %.

Vibrations and shocks: In applications that are exposed to strong vibrations and shocks, particularly robust housings and connectors should be used. Moving parts such as fans or hard disks should be avoided.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): In the event of possible electromagnetic interference, electrically sealed housings and special interfaces should be used.