Climate awareness – now also sealed

Firmly anchored in our responsibility and sustainability thinking is the topic of climate protection. In order to optimise CO2 management within the company, we have created the basis for a climate-neutral future in cooperation with Planetly. For this purpose, the first step was to calculate the company’s carbon footprint for the reference year 2021 in order to create a data-based analytical foundation. In the next step, concrete goals and measures were defined to effectively reduce the company’s emissions and carbon footprint. Using certified projects, emissions that have proven to be unavoidable can be offset. Welotec GmbH offsets through three different projects: the REDD+ forest and wildlife conservation project in Kenya, a wind energy project in Turkey and the Borneo rainforest REDD+ project in Indonesia. In order to continuously work on reducing emissions and to further advance climate protection, additional measures were also developed and implemented internally within a newly created team.

Welotec carbon neutral planetly