Bosch ConnectedExperience 2022

Bosch ConnectedExperience (BCX) is one of the largest AI and IoT hackathons in Europe and will take place from 7th of November to 9th of November 2022 in Berlin. Hosted by Bosch and its ecosystem partners, the three-day event brings together more than 300 tech enthusiasts to hack, learn and network together. Different teams from more than 45 countries will work together to put the UX, UI and code to the test. In 30 hours, prototypes for various questions will be developed quickly and agilely with the help of various IoT devices and software.

Welotec GmbH will be taking part in BCX22 alongside many exciting participants from the IoT and AI sector. Welotec Azure IoT Edge Gateways will be made available for this purpose, which will be used in several exciting challenges alongside other hardware and software from other players such as Bosch, Microsoft, and AWS.