Substation attacks and firewalls

26.01.2021 Recording

In cooperation with Rhebo we would like to invite you to our 30 minutes session in which you learn about substation attacks and why a firewall is not sufficient.

You will learn:
  • Why central monitoring is not enough to fully protect substations
  • Which threats you have so far failed to recognize in your substation automation system
  • How you can implement a seamless attack detection system for your entire infrastructure based on the joint solution from Welotec and Rhebo
  • Short Introduction Rhebo and Welotec
  • Overview of a classic substation network layout
  • Combination Substation Monitoring
  • From control room to substation
  • Entry: typical power grid + challenge (substation with high-risk potential)
  • Value proposition (availability / security)
  • Cyber Security for power grids vs. classical IT security
  • Use Case: Substation attack and why a firewall is not sufficient
  • Rhebo Industry 4.0 stability and security audit
  • Rhebo Industrial Protector on Welotec IEC 61850 Substation Server
  • Q&A