Is 61850 really secure?

04.10 - 04.10.2022 Recording

 In a digitalized and networked world, threats from cyber-attacks are constantly increasing – making it even more important to ensure comprehensive security mechanisms and security-oriented thinking. In this webinar, Edwin Melenhorst from Locamation, Jérôme Arnaud from Rhebo and Jos Zenner from Welotec answer the question how secure IEC 61850 is and how you can ensure that your substation is protected. Look forward to three different perspectives and presentations on this topic and learn more about the security obstacles of IEC 61850, cybersecurity requirements as well as how to practically implement security in the substation’s secondary system.

  • What are the security obstacles of IEC 61850? (Jérôme Arnaud, Rhebo)
  • How to practically implement security in the substation's secondary systems? (Edwin Melenhorst, Locamation)
  • What are the cyber security requirements for protection, automation and control systems? (Jos Zenner, Welotec)
  • Q&A session