Data Notarization: A Key Element in Securing Energy Infrastructure Modernization

14.06 - 14.06.2023 Recording

As the demand for energy continues to rise and new energy assets are added to the grid, modernizing the energy infrastructure through remote monitoring and control systems is crucial to ensure stability and avoid downtimes. However, this modernization also poses new challenges in securing decision-making processes based on the data collected. Past incidents have highlighted the disastrous consequences of tampered data. In this upcoming webinar, Welotec and Tributech will shed light on the increasing cybersecurity threats associated with data tampering and demonstrate the importance of secure data integration for energy substation use cases. Attendees will learn about proactive security strategies that can be implemented to detect and prevent data tampering, allowing energy utilities to modernize their infrastructure with confidence.


  • Introduction Tributech and Welotec
  • Use case: remote monitoring of primary and secondary substations
    • Use case description and background 
    • The risks of modernizing critical infrastructure
  • What is data tampering and data notarization?
    • CIA triad
    • Threat scenarios for data tampering
    • Cybersecurity regulations for critical infrastructure
  • Solution architecture Tributech & Welotec
  • Live demo: data tampering detection
  • Partnership between Tributech and Welotec
  • Question and Answers