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Full Range of Azure Edge Computing

Microsoft Azure - Our certified devices

Azure is Microsoft's answer to the challenges confronting all companies worldwide. The Azure cloud offers the ability to easily outsource multiple functions, applications and resources. Whether it is a query of production, machine data etc. or a system running in the cloud to consume less local storage space. The user therefore does not have to provide, maintain or administrate any resources.
Due to the high flexibility and scalability of the Azure cloud platform, new challenges can be met at any time, anywhere in the world.

Microsoft Azure is not limited to cloud computing, Edge Computing also enables pre-processing of data directly in the field. Due to the local data processing, the system also functions when the network connection is disrupted. In addition, sensitive data can remain in the local network and are not even transferred to the cloud. If low latency times or real-time data are required, edge computing in conjunction with the cloud is the method of choice.

Benefits at a glance

  • Flexible use of resources
  • No own server structures required
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Easy use of predefined functions
  • Central resource management
  • Meets the conformity requirements of the DSGVO

Our certified devices

How do you use these possibilities and advantages for yourself as a user?
The basis for all new solutions is data - and our core competence is the data transmission of machines and systems. Therefore we offer a wide range of Azure certified products for data transmission and processing. With our Azure certified products, in the form of IoT Gateways, Edge Gateways and LTE Routers, we offer the all-in-one solution for edge and cloud computing.
Just contact us and we will find the right solution for you.

Smart Router as IIoT Gateway

The routers of the TK800 series from Welotec can be used as IIoT gateways. Existing machines and systems can be connected via Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. The gateway can use Python programs to collect data from industrial computers, PLCs, HMIs and sensors, process it locally and exchange it with the central software or cloud. The Welotec TK815L-EXW LTE/WLAN Router is also pre-tested and verified for functionality with Microsoft Azure IoT services so that IoT solutions can be implemented quickly.

Arrakis Mk3 Azure Edge

The Arrakis Mk3 is one of the first industrial computers ever certified for Microsoft Azure IoT Edge. Its compact design makes it perfect for edge computing applications where space is at a premium.

Run the Azure Edge Runtime on the Arrakis and deploy modules directly to the device.

Alderamin - Azure Edge certified

With the Alderamin we offer the fastest Azure Edge certified industrial PC worldwide. In the Passmark Performance Test it beats the competition by far. It is available with a pre-installed Azure Edge Runtime and also enables Zero Touch Provisioning via a TPM module. This allows IoT solutions to be implemented better and faster. Depending on customer requirements, Alderamin can be equipped with Windows 10 or Linux.

RSAPC - Azure Edge certified

The RSAPC is designed to ensure server performance, reliability and security in the harshest operating environments and to meet the stringent certification requirements for substation automation. Assembled and tested in Germany, we ensure quality and performance for every device.