How to choose an industrial router


Routers are connecting different networks on Layer-3. In many cases routers are connecting a local network to the internet. For the internet connection different access technologies like Fiber, ADSL,WiFi, 4G and 5Gare used.  Industrial routers are also used to connect different networks over Ethernet inside a production. Because industrial routers must prove themselves in the most diverse applications and under the most diverse conditions, a few criteria should be considered when selecting. After all, the goal is to select the most optimal industrial router for your application.

More topics

  • Environmental conditions, e. g. temperature
  • Form factor, housing and mounting, e. g. DIN-rail router
  • Wireless technologie
  • Industry specific compliance
  • Long term support
  • Central management
  • Power supply
  • Run additional containerized applications
  • Cloud integration
  • Global availability
  • External antenna

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