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Edge Computing with Azure IoT Edge

What is Azure IoT Edge? Edge computing is a current topic in IT. It describes how computing power can be made available where data is generated. Edge computing is a crucial building block for IoT applications. Azure IoT Edge…

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2.4 GHz
How to choose the right industrial router #part2

Decisive factors in the selection of routers for industries are, in addition to robustness and reliability, also the power supply…

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4G/LTE Antennas
4G/LTE Antennas

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is often also called 4G. This technology is currently the best developed generation…

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4G LTE, 5G and CDMA/LTE 450 MHz antennas for transformer stations
Antennas for transformer stations

Radio technologies are increasingly used to connect remote stations e.g. transformer substations with a central system, such as a control…

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