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The IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613 compliant rugged substation computer are extremely powerful and made for the harshest environments in power substations. Using a IEC 61850-3 Substation Computer you can build a digital substation architecture. With you can run multiple substation automation systems (SAS) on one station unit. This includes for example Gateway, HMI, Engineering workstation and firewall. Using Substation Gateway and Automation Software for Digital Substations it is possible to support IEC 61850 protocols like GOOSE, SMV, MMS and IEC 60870–5–104 and connect your substation the the SCADA network. The industrial computer (IPC) are made for transmission and distribution grids, HVDC and FACTS applications. The Welotec RSAPC also supports HSR and PRP as well as Teaming on the network interface. The HSR/PRP PCI card can directly connect to IEC 61850-3 Ethernet Switches. The Welotec Substation Computer (RSAPC) supports virtualization with modern Hypervisors.

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