Smart Energy

Smart Energy

The energy transition in Germany is already well underway, and is set to confront us with challenges for the future. Our Smart Energy solutions revolve around safe data communications between individual market participants or technical infrastructure, and are a building block for the successful realisation of the energy transition. In this area our companys’ strengths of flexibility and far-reaching knowledge of the wireless communication and energy sectors really make the difference. Our customers include large energy supply companies, public utility companies and connected system integrators. With our solutions, they are able to meet the high-level requirements of the energy transition.

Wireless Smart Energy Solutions


Network stations and generators are dependent upon reliable communications, but often do not have a connection to the landline network (fiber or copper). Moreover, some stations require a redundant connection to the control system alongside the primary communication channel. Welotec has been a pioneer of wireless station linking for both mobile communications and narrow band for several years. With numerous field-tested and innovative solutions, we can solve many of the challenges associated with the linking of integrated stations.

Smart Energy Cyber Security

Cyber Security

As participants in the Cyber Security Alliance, we have made it our mission to ensure that our communications technology products and services are as safe as possible. This is essential, because our products are often used in critical infrastructure such as the energy grid. In addition to the secure implementation of our solutions, we also offer comprehensive consultation on security, for example with using Firewalls. In doing so, we provide our customers with integrated, secure and reliable communications infrastructure. This is what we understand by the term “end-to-end communication”.

Smart Energy Rollout Management

Rollout Management

The distribution network of the future will be highly digitized, so that it can meet the requirements of grid stability, whilst simultaneously monitoring the changing feed-in quantity of renewable energies. For this purpose it is necessary in many projects to equip a large number of network stations with mobile routers over a short timescale, and to monitor usage. A task like this calls for our customisable rollout software systems, which allow for security functions such as permanent configuration control alongside a standard rollout.

Smart Energy Cyber Security

OEM development

Many of our customers have extensive requirements for communications equipment, which can vary from project to project. Many of our solutions have a large number of flexible functions which can be adapted to suit your needs. Additionally, the quick and easy development of special antennas for (as an example) local grid stations is a possibility. Our software products can also be adapted to suit individual needs alongside hardware adaptation and development.

Smart Energy Solutions Antennas


In order to provide our customers with integrated solutions, we have a wide-ranging portfolio of antennas for all types of wireless technologies. The increased availability of badly developed sites, along with protection against vandalism, a long lifespan and simple installation for antennas are all important points that are often overlooked. Here at Welotec we don’t just sell wireless technologies, but rather provide an end-to-end solution including antennas and cable and line connections; in this way, we ensure the secure and economical implementation of your communications solution.

Applications & Solutions

Smart Energy LTE Router

Find out why the TK800 series LTE routers are the ideal choice for power industry applications.

LTE Router for Smart Energy


Software solution for the efficient rollout, management and secure operation of LTE routers.

Router Rollout Management

Secure implementation of a Smart Meter concept

We implemented the communication infrastructure for Smart Metering for a large German energy supply company. Learn more here...

Smart Meter concept
Smart Energy

Selection of our customers

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Smart-Meter-Gateway Antennas

Smart meter gateways use FAKRA antenna connections for both cellular radio (GPRS, UMTS, LTE) and wireless M-Bus. All our antennas are equipped with the appropriate connector, which is also 90° angled and 360° freely rotatable.

SMGW Antennas

Antennas for substations

What you should consider when using antennas in transformer stations can be read here...

Antennas for transformer stations