Software solution for the efficient rollout, management and the secure operation of LTE routers



Do you want to commission widely scattered industrial routers used in remote locations? How should the initial configuration be uploaded to the routers? What happens if the devices need a new configuration or firmware? Configuring all devices individually on site is not an economical option. This is where the Welotec SMART EMS comes in.

The advantages at a glance

  • Reduces on-site installation, maintenance and service costs
  • No on-site configuration necessary
  • Automatic and secure roll-out of firmware updates
  • Template-based configuration of routers
Template-based management of LTE routers in the field

Simple router management via templates

  • Template-based management of routers in the field
  • Template includes Firmware, Startup and Running-Config
  • Web interface for configuring templates, router overview etc.
Router Firmware


  • Remote firmware updates (new features / security updates / bugfixes)
  • Roll out new versions step by step
  • Rapid response to security incidents
  • Full control over the installed firmware
Start-Up Config

Start-Up Config

Configuration is permanently stored on the device and also available on the device after a power failure.

Running Config

Running Config

  • Configuration is only in volatile memory. As soon as the router is disconnected from the network, the configuration is extinguished.
  • In case of theft, no certificates or sensitive access data are stored on the device.

Router management

Software solution for efficient rollout, management and secure operation of LTE routers
  • Templates can be assigned to individual devices or groups
  • Grouping of routers according to use cases / customer groups / projects

Router spezifische Variablen sind für Geräte innerhalb einer Gruppe möglich.

Router-specific variables

Router specific variables are possible for devices within a group.

Frequently used for:
IP Networks
Router name

Software solution for efficient rollout, management and secure operation of LTE routers
Secure TLS 1.2 connection

Secure connection

  • Connecting from Router to SMART EMS
  • No public IP necessary
  • No open communication ports accessible via the internet
  • BSI compliant end-to-end encryption
  • Connection TLS 1.2 encrypted


Logon of the devices via definable variables.

  • Serial number of the device
  • IMSI - SIM based -> Configuration restores itself when the device is replaced.
Registration at SMART EMS
Seamless ERP Integration

Seamless ERP Integration

  • REST-API for system configuration and activation
  • Connection to ERP/CRM of the customer possible (ELS)
  • Assignment of routers to templates via REST-API incl. router specific variables
  • Activation and deactivation via API
Deployment System Security


  • Protection against manipulation by central management system
  • Logging of the active configurations
  • Logging router communication with deployment system
  • Differentiation between Startup and Running Config with TK800 (no critical information such as certificates permanently stored on device)
  • Deactivation of systems after theft has been detected
  • Fast rollout of firmware updates in case of security vulnerabilities
  • Allocation of users to routers and groups

System requirements Welotec SMART EMS

Appliance:  Virtual Machine or Hardware Appliance
Operating system:  Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Processor:  64-bit support (min. 1.8 GHz)
Memory:  4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Mass storage:  64 GB (128 GB recommended)
Network:  min. 1x GBit Ethernet

  • Target IP of the system must be static
  • external target IP must be achievable by the routers
  • Port 443 TCP for web access (can be customized)
  • Port 18443 for router communication (can be customized)

    The resources required depend on the number of connected devices.