Smart City

Smart City

Urbanisation calls for new, intelligent strategies for a connected city. We develop communications solutions for local public transport, traffic light controls and parking guidance systems. To us, the term Smart City means any strategy designed to help make our cities greener, more efficient and more progressive. We also include Point of Sales (POS) implementations among this; our customers can provide their customers with additional services such as customer counting in department stores.
Smart City - Kommunikationslösungen für Bus und Bahn

Buses and Trains

A well built local and long-distance transport network is no longer enough. Vehicles must also be digitalized and connected; personnel and passengers are updated in real time when there are changes to traffic conditions and transport connections, whilst transport security has been given a boost thanks to video surveillance. Additional revenue can be generated through flexible and location-dependent advertising, and customer satisfaction can be increased through infotainment offers and Wi-Fi connections. We are well equipped to provide these options thanks to our specialisation in digital infrastructure and connections to the control centre.
Smart City - Kommunikationslösungen für Parkleitsysteme

Parking guidance system

Intelligent parking guidance systems with digital availability indicators show motorists the way to the next available parking space. As such, parking guidance systems contribute to the reduction of traffic volume in our often overcrowded cities. Our systems identify free parking spaces and relay this information back to the centre. From there, we relay information out to the information boards on the streets.
Smart City - Kommunikationslösungen für Ladesäulen

Charging infrastructure

For a real break through in electromobility, a well-developed network of charging stations is a key factor. The charging stations must be linked to a central control point so that they can be controlled and monitored. Payment options such as RFID, Smartphone authorisation or credit cards and real-time availability information for individual stations via an app are also important factors – but they are only possible when there is an internet connection present. As experts for high-security wireless connectivity, we are the ideal partner for networking charging station solutions.
Smart City - Kommunikationslösungen für Lichtsignalanlagen

Traffic lights

We offer communications solutions for both stationary and mobile traffic lights, as well as traffic light priority control. Our mobile network and data transmission solutions transfer important information and status signals to central traffic control systems.
Smart City - Kommunikationslösungen für Point of Sales

Point of Sales

Stationary trading is changing; whether that be by means of automatic person counting to determine visitor traffic, or digital and targeted advertising. Our solutions provide a secure connection between salesrooms and head office.
Smart City - Kommunikationslösungen für Videoüberwachung

Video surveillance

Public spaces, shopping centres, football/soccer-stadiums and car parks: these are just some of the areas where video surveillance makes necessary contributions to security. In places where access to existing networks is either impossible or undesirable, our Wireless and IT solutions are a secure connection to head office.

Applications & Solutions

LTE WiFi GPS Router for public transport

In addition to the certifications required for bus and rail applications, our routers offer numerous additional features that open up completely new areas of application.

Router for public transport

Communication solutions for charging stations

Charging stations must be connected to a control station for control and monitoring. As a specialist for robust hardware and wireless technologies, we offer various solutions for manufacturers of charging stations.

Solutions for charging stations

Communication solutions for intelligent parking guidance systems

The information boards of a parking guidance system are usually located at the access roads and can usually not be economically connected to a wired Internet. GPRS or LTE routers are ideal here.

Intelligent parking guidance systems
Smart City

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