Fanless Embedded IEC 61850-3 Edge Controller for Substation Automation

Rugged Substation Automation Edge Controller (RASEC) for applications in substation automation
  • IEC 61850-3
  • Intel Atom® x7-E3950 with 4 cores (Apollo Lake)
  • 8 GB DDR3L RAM
  • -40 to +70 °C operating temperature range
  • On board TPM 2.0 module and Secure Boot for improved Cybersecuity
  • 5x Gigabit RJ45 LAN ports + 2x Gigabit SFP ports
  • 2x USB 3.0 + 2x RS-232 isolated serial ports
  • HDMI

Microsoft Azure Edge Certified

Rugged Substation Automation Edge Controller - RSAEC

The harsh environmental conditions of a substation demand special features from modern embedded systems. To ensure performance and safety under these challenging conditions, we have developed an IEC 61850 edge controller for substation automation: the Welotec RSAEC.

To enable reliable calculations in demanding industrial environments and substations, the RSAEC offers a wide temperature range, reliable solid-state drives and a powerful cooling system. The powerful Intel Atom® x7-E3950 processor ensures quiet operation.


SSD mass storage in RAID configuration, design quality, and a maintenance-free cooling system are designed to eliminate defects in vulnerable components and keep your critical application running at all times.

Dust, worn bearings, or rotating hard drives are the most common sources of failure in embedded systems. The RSAEC eliminates these moving parts and thus eliminates these sources of error.

With its optional LTE connection, the RSAEC can also be easily and securely connected to modern management systems in applications without an existing network connection. Thus it enables the upgrade to Smart Grid for a DSL or fiber optic connection without time-consuming earthworks.

RSAEC - Rugged Substation Automation Edge Controller

Front Panel Interfaces

RSAEC - Rugged Substation Automation Edge Controller Interfaces

Comprehensively equipped base system for maximum benefit

The Welotec RSAEC comes with an extended I/O feature set that includes the most commonly used I/O ports in the base system.
Built on Intel's proven Atom Embedded platform, RSAEC's broad feature set allows it to immediately cover a wide range of applications.

RSAEC - Rugged Substation Automation Edge Controller - expansion possibilities

The RSAEC offers flexible expansion options tailored to the customer's specific requirements

Optional Features

  • Optional with 4G LTE and 5G
  • Industrial Single Level Cell (SLC) SSDs with extended temperature range up to 500GB
  • Industrial grade, temperature independent Multi Level Cell (MLC) SSDs with extended temperature range and up to 2TB
  • Independent Solid State Bootmedium plus RAID1 Data SSD Array

Virtualization and Cyber Security

The Welotec RSAEC was developed to implement modern IT and OT structures and to increase availability, flexibility and security. Virtualization can reduce hardware costs.

RSAEC - Rugged Substation Automation Edge Controller - Virtualization and Cyber Security

Insulating applications

With 8GB of main memory and VT-x and VT-d support for virtualized IO ports, RSAEC can operate multiple virtual machines and allocate resources to each of them as a standalone system.
Virtualization allows each application to run in its own virtual machine (VM), isolating tasks from each other. Restarting a VM after an update only affects the function to be updated. All other VMs remain online and operational.

Cyber security

The integrated TPM 2.0 module extends the safety functions of the RSAEC. Changes in legal requirements, such as the European Network and Information Security Directive, require the protection of critical infrastructures against attacks of all kinds and hacking attempts.
The RSAEC makes it possible to use an industrial intrusion detection system in a virtual machine without the need for additional hardware.

Downloads for the RSAEC

Further information about the Rugged Substation Automation Edge Controller (RSAEC), as well as useful information about approvals for IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 and technical data can be found in these downloads.

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