Our supply chain and production are currently only slightly restricted by the Coronavirus!

Status: 09.07.2020

We are currently receiving an increasing number of customer enquiries regarding our ability to deliver.

We are pleased to inform you that the value-added chain at Welotec is only slightly affected by current events.
We are in permanent exchange with our suppliers. Currently, there are no relevant restrictions by our suppliers for us.
In order to proactively counteract future developments, Welotec has called off existing stocks at suppliers ahead of time and brought forward orders. Together with the currently increased stock level and the usual long-term safety stocks, we have built up a secure buffer.
The described measures will be consistently continued depending on the risk affecting us and necessary measures will be derived. We are observing the situation very closely and inform proactively if there is any change in our status.
The current status applies subject to further future measures by the responsible authorities.

Please support us in the planning process by placing orders early on and additionally discussing forecasts with your contacts at Welotec.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and suppliers for their excellent cooperation, constructive communication and understanding for sporadic delivery delays - thank you very much!

The Management Board