IoT Gateways

IoT Gateways

Connectivity for the Internet of Things

WiT Industrial IoT Devices offer the ability to virtually connect any device to the cloud with 4G LTE, Ethernet, serial interfaces and additional I/Os. The flexible design of the devices makes you independent in your choice of hardware and software providers. All the data you need in the cloud is provided or retrieved via the WiT gateways.

Welotec WiT IoT Gateways with Node-RED are Microsoft Azure Certified

Microsoft Azure Certified

Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT - The Welotec IoT WiT series gateways with Node-RED are pre-tested and verified for functionality with Microsoft Azure IoT services, so IoT solutions can be implemented quickly.

IoT Gateways
Model Cullular RS-232/485 Other Ethernet
WiT1001-DB - 1x (DB9) - 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-IO - 1x (TB) + 1x RS-232 - 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-DB-3G UMTS 1x (DB9) - 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-IO-3G UMTS 1x (TB) + 1x RS-232 - 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-IO-3G-GPS UMTS 1x (TB) + 1x RS-232 GPS 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-DB-4G LTE 1x (DB9) - 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-IO-4G LTE 1x (TB) + 1x RS-232 - 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-IO-4G-GPS LTE 1x (TB) + 1x RS-232 GPS 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-DB-4G-B LTE 1x (DB9) integrated UPS 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-IO-4G-B LTE 1x (TB) + 1x RS-232 integrated UPS 1 Port (GE)
WiT1001-IO-4G-GPS-B LTE 1x (TB) + 1x RS-232 GPS, integrated UPS 1 Port (GE)
WiT1002-DB - 1x (DB9) - 2 Ports (FE)
WiT1002-TB - 1x (TB) - 2 Ports (FE)
WiT1002-DB-PoE - 1x (DB9) - 2 PoE Ports (FE)
WiT1002-TB-PoE - 1x (TB) - 2 PoE Ports (FE)

* The integrated UPS can maintain the voltage for 15 seconds.

Flexible configuration options allow setup via Ethernet, Telnet, web browser, serial console or our Windows utility. Virtual COM software provides a virtual environment for applications accessing WiT1000 over TCP. A dedicated I/O version provides 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs, while the GPS version provides the ability to make geospatial data available in your application. The "B" version also has a built-in UPS and can maintain power for 15 seconds so that an error can still be reported back to the host.

IoT Gateways

Programming with Software Development Kit or NodeRED

All devices are available as SDK-C version or with NodeRED.

Write your custom application in C language and launch it on the powerful 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 TI Sitara AM3354 TI CPU. Use your peripherals flexibly whether memory, SMS, Serial, I/O and USB are required.

Use SDK-C if:

  • You are familiar with Linux
  • You have ANSI C programming skills
  • Your application is strictly time- and performance-dependent
  • Your application has very critical exception handling requirements
IoT Gateways Programming
IoT Gateways Node-Red

Alternatively, we offer the pre-installed NodeRED environment on an SD card (or USB stick with WiT1002). NodeRED is an open source building block programming environment based on Node.js that allows you to create your IoT application from a user-friendly, hardware-specific environment. Additionally, NodeRED offers you the possibility to provide a dashboard for data visualization with little effort.

IoT Gateways Node-Red
IoT Gateways Node-Red

Use NodeRED if:

  • You have practical knowledge of protocols and data formats
  • You have basic knowledge of Javascript
  • You are looking for a solution for a fast connection to cloud solutions
  • You want to create a dashboard to visualize data
  • You do not have strict performance requirements
Industrial IoT Devices Gateway Starter Kit

IoT Gateway Starter Kits

Each device is also available as a starter kit, so you can start directly with the implementation of your applications. Depending on the model, the Starter Kit includes:

  • Industrial IoT Device
  • Power supply
  • Wall Mounting Kit
  • DB9 to USB cable
  • Debug to DB9 cable
  • LTE Antenna (Only IoT Devices with LTE)
  • GPS antenna (IoT Devices with GPS only)